This information shows the current range of records and the total number of records.

Result: 26 - 30 of 37 records

These are the example database records (id and titel):

  • 65Web Design Group
  • 66osCommerce - e-commerce solution
  • - PHP & MySQL Code examples and resources
  • 74PHP-Nuke
  • 80Web Standards Group

The navigation() method is showing this kind of links:

First << 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 >>

Notice the large number for the current link, you can modify the style using a CSS pseudo class.

The same method then before using number buttons and without forward/backward links:

The back_forward_link() method, shows only for- and backward links (you can use it for small recordsets).

This example is using images:


But you can use the same method with text or symbols too.


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