Keep your SSH sessions alive

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Most Internet service provider will try shutdown active Internet connections after a view minutes to prevent their network from streaming videos or other bandwidth killers. This happens often because of some router setting you can’t change. As a web developer your SSH session (and other active connections) will freeze, if you stop working in the terminal window for just 5 minutes or by getting a fresh cop of coffee.

To get rid of this problem you need to change your SSH config file, enter the following inside to the terminalwindow

sudo nano /etc/ssh/ssh_config

and add this setting to the end of the file

ServerAliveInterval 60

Safe your file and start a new SSH session which will stay active because the client sends every 60 seconds a bit of data to the server.
Check also this article for more information.

MySQL and UTF-8

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www.phpwact.orgA great list of MySQL functions to work with utf-8 encoding, this article offers all the information you need! While utf-8 is mostly used for database driven websites, is the default encoding used by MySQL still “latin1_swedish_ci”. If you forget to change the collation while creating databases and tables you need to change field types afterwards and maybe you need to re-import your data.


How to Fix MySQL Database (MyISAM / InnoDB)

November 18, 2011 at 9:20 am Tags: | |

www.softwareprojects.comThis is a great MySQL 101! Recently I got several problems with a few MySQL databases because the server wasn’t able to write to the SAN storage. I found this page and the command ” /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqlcheck –all-databases -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD -r” fixed all the corrupt tables. Sure it took some time to check/repair all the tables, but the work need to be done. One hint, before you start repairing, you should search for the location of the MySQL binaries (use “locate mysqlcheck” for example) otherwise it will not work. You need to have MySQL ROOT access for many functions mentioned on this page.


Keyword Targeting & On-Page Optimization for SEO

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www.seomoz.orgAs a huge fan of the white-board Friday I read the SEOMOZ blog frequently. Today I found this “older” SEO guide for keyword optimizations. Wow this is really great advise. I think most of us will find here some tips we can use next time while building a web page or writing an article. I’m very surprised about the advice regarding h2/h3/h4 elements. According Rand Fishkin are they less important (the carry a little to no value)… interesting!


The Best Way to Learn PHP

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net.tutsplus.comAssignment #7a: Practice more, write your own easy apps like a simple CMS or a contact form including validations. I think it’s not good for the learning curve if you work with frameworks very quickly. You need learn how-to write code first. If you’re able to write your own apps, it’s much easier to understand the OOP concepts used in most bigger frameworks. Check also the PHP manual frequently, there are so many examples and comments you can learn from.


12 Useful WordPress Coding Snippets And Hacks

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www.1stwebdesigner.comNice list of WordPress hacks! I really like the filter function which makes it possible to replace the “read more” link at the end from the excerpt. There is also an option that makes it possible to send mail messages in HTML format. I suggest to use some plugin instead. Using rich mail templates can help your blog’s branding a lot.


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