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Outdated code discovered!

Many code examples and tutorials on this website are more than 5 years old. I can’t find the time to update this different posts and I don’t like to remove them.
Maybe the (old) code will help you to get some inspiration and don’t forget to test your script before you publish it.

3 methods to tweak your MySQL database result pages

Most people use PHP and MySQL together and there are several reasons to do so: It’s easy, fast and powerful! If you create a MySQL database result, the data is not formatted and looks ugly. The following functions or code examples will help you to create better looking MySQL database result pages.

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PHP dynamic form elements

In a previous we explained how to use PHP to create a dynamic SELECT menu. The same way it’s possible to use PHP to create other form elements.

Create a radio group with PHP

Creating radio elements in some content management systems can result into writing a lot of code. Just in case your radio group with multiple options is getting a value from a database and/or a form. There need to be a check for every posted value for every option. This function will do all this work for you, just create two arrays, one for the values and labels and for the related html code. It’s up to the user if he uses 2 or more elements in one group. The function works with $_POST and $_GET data.

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Configure Postfix + Mailgun on a Cloud VPS

Some days ago I got a very cheap VPS from VULTR with 125GB of SATA storage for only $5,- a month. A small VPS which is fast enough for my websites backups. While all my other VPS servers are installed with Serverpilot, this server was installed with only with Ubuntu 14.04. Because my backups are created by native Linux function like rsync (executed by some CRON jobs), there is no other software required. There is one bottom-line, this configuration doesn’t include any mail function. I used the following steps to configure Postfix & Mailgun for my little server. Continue reading Configure Postfix + Mailgun on a Cloud VPS