How-to restore email messages from Uebimiau or T-dah webmail

I have a few servers where DirectAdmin is used as the control panel and it seems that Uebimiau (or T-dah) is used as default webmail client. Unlike other e-mail clients Uebimiau will download your e-mail messages like a local mail client and stores them in Uebimiau directories. That will say if you need to check your mail from some other computer using Uebimiau as web mail client, you can’t download them again on your “regular” computer using Outlook for example.

But there is also good news Uebimiau stores those e-mail messages in the “original” mail format, that will say you’re able to copy/move them from the Uebimiau directory to your IMAP or POP3 folder (on the mail server of course)

How-to move the messages (on a DirectAdmin server)?

  1. Locate the Uebimiau directory: /var/www/html/webmail/tmp/info_domainname.com_localhost
  2. Copy the messages (extension .eml) from the folder called “inbox” to the folder to the e-mail directory inside the users home directory: /home/username/imap/

VOILA! After this your e-mail messages are available again… and don’t forget to ignore Uebimiau the next time. If your server is based on DirectAdmin, use this kind of URL instead and use Squirrel: http://hostname/squirrelmail