PHP Ajax Whois Script

Recently I’ve changed the PHP Whois demo at I modified the default PHP whois class example script a little bit and used xajax to create a ajax powered request form.

The code for the ajax request (place it above the html code)

$my_whois = new Whois_domain;
$my_whois->possible_tlds = array('com','net','org','info','us','name','biz'); 

function myFunction($get) {
	global $servers;
    $objResponse = new xajaxResponse();
	$my_whois = new Whois_domain;
	$my_whois->tld = $get['tld'];
	$my_whois->domain = $get['domain'];
	if ($my_whois->create_domain()) {
		$my_whois->free_string = $servers[$get['tld']]['free'];
		$my_whois->whois_server = $servers[$get['tld']]['address'];
		$my_whois->whois_param = $servers[$get['tld']]['param'];
		$test = $my_whois->check_only();
		if ($test == 1) {
			$dom_info = 'The domain name <b>'.$my_whois->compl_domain.'</b> is free. ';
		} elseif ($test == 0) {
			$dom_info = 'The domain name <b>'.$my_whois->compl_domain.'</b> is already registered.';
		} else {
			$dom_info = "Can't access the server, please try again later.";
	} else {
		$dom_info = "The value inside the domain field is empty or not valid, only letters, numbers and hypens are allowed.";

    $objResponse->addAssign('whois_result', 'innerHTML', $dom_info);

    return $objResponse;

$xajax = new xajax();

And this is the form (place it inside your websites body)

<form id="cform">
        <input type="text" name="domain" size="25" maxlength="63" value="" />
        <span style="font-size:1.2em;font-weight:bold;">.</span>
        <?php echo $my_whois->create_tld_select(false); ?>
        <input type="button" id="subbtn" value="Check" onclick="xajax_myFunction(xajax.getFormValues('cform'));" />
<p id="whois_result">

NOTE: This example code is using an older xajax version, check the xajax website for updates. This quick tutorial is not about how-to use xajax, we advice to check the beginner tutorials on the xajax website.

That’s all, check the modifed demo page to see how it works.