How-to restore email messages from Uebimiau or T-dah webmail

I have a few servers where DirectAdmin is used as the control panel and it seems that Uebimiau (or T-dah) is used as default webmail client. Unlike other e-mail clients Uebimiau will download your e-mail messages like a local mail client and stores them in Uebimiau directories. That will say if you need to check your mail from some other computer using Uebimiau as web mail client, you can’t download them again on your “regular” computer using Outlook for example. Continue reading How-to restore email messages from Uebimiau or T-dah webmail

Download, extract and move a tar.gz file

Downloading some script or application using WGET is a common an quick way to start some web application or website. In my case I can’t remember me parameters I don’t use very often.

For example we like to install WordPress right into our public_html directory (not into a sub-directory), move to the website’s root directory first:

# cd /home/username/public_html/

Download the application from the WordPress website: Continue reading Download, extract and move a tar.gz file

Optimize your MySQL Server with MySQLTuner

Login to your server’s console and download MySQLTuner (I use my user’s home directory)


If you don’t like to enter the user details for every test it’s possible to create a .my.cnf file in the same directory and add a mysql admin user to access your database

Use this kind of settings:


Continue reading Optimize your MySQL Server with MySQLTuner

How-to install eAccelerator?

I’m using eAccelerator on two servers now, for both I’m using DirectAdmin as control panel. One is based on Ubuntu and the other one is running on Cent-OS.

Download eAccelerator from their website and follow their instructions (you need root access to install eAccelerator and it’s required to install php5-dev tools first):

tar xjvf eaccelerator-
cd eaccelerator-
./configure --with-php-config=/usr/local/php5/bin/php-config

The “–with-php-config” setting is maybe not necessary, check your server for the right location.

It might be possible that you need to install the PHP dev tools first (yum install php-devel (Cent-OS or apt-get install php-dev) Continue reading How-to install eAccelerator?